Small tattoos                                  Pricing varies 

Lip Blush                                                 $300

Microblading:                                         $550

Microblading +Shading:                           $650

Nano Brows:                                          $650

Combination Brows:                                 $550

Freckle Tattoo:                                          $175

Perfection touch-up: (4-8 week):                  $100

Colour Refreshing from 6-12 months:           $275

Colour Refreshing from 12-18 months:         $325

Colour Refreshing from 18-24 months:         $375

Anything after 24 months is considered full price

Shading added at Colour Refreshing:   + $50

A non-refundable deposit is required secure

appointment and goes towards the total cost.

Colour Refreshing & Touch-Up pricing only apply to clients who have had their brows done originally at Arch Studio